Our Strategy

Our Expertise

Sustainable Energie Partners (SEP) develops and invests in utility scale projects of solar PV, wind energy, energy storage and waste to energy.

We work with project sponsors and investors to provide attractive, long term sustainable investment opportunities.

The generation systems are designed and developed by SEP and its development partners and made available for investors either fully approved and ready for construction or completed and operating.

Our experienced team specialises in the following:

  • Sourcing and reviewing prospective renewable energy projects and locations
  • Obtaining all necessary permits and approvals
  • Arranging and managing EPC contractors
  • Conducting internal due diligence processes
  • Managing external due diligence with selected industry experts
  • Arranging construction and project finance
  • Advising on the optimal equity investment structure
  • Co-investing with institutional investors
  • Incorporating risk management strategies
  • Completing acquisitions of projects for investors
  • Managing the project during its operational phase
  • Maximising performance and energy output during operational phase
  • Negotiating the acquisition of completed projects

Sustainable Energie Partners has extensive experience in developing renewable energy projects, and arranging debt and investors and co-investing in Europe, Latam, Australia, the Pacific and other emerging markets.

Investment Summary

Investors are offered the opportunity to invest in renewable energy infrastructure assets that enable governments, corporations and individuals to reduce the impact of fossil fuel generation on the environment by promoting and using renewable energy sources and storage.

Investor Benefits are:

  • Acquire high-quality renewable energy projects where 100% of the power generated by the portfolio is purchased by leading utility companies.
  • Projects are located in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Latam, Australia and the Pacific and are connected to grids operated by major utilities such as National Grid, EDF,  Enel, Endesa, 50Hertz Transmission, Union Fenoza and Iberdrola pursuant to long term Power Purchase Agreements regulated by Government legislation.
  • Earn an attractive pre-tax IRR of 7 to 15% with regular cash distributions commencing at 7 to 12% and rising annually.
  • Receive growth in distribution payments from the sustainable and highly predictable cash flow that is based on tariffs regulated by the relevant Government and in some countries linked to inflation for up to 25 years.
  • Acquire renewable energy generation and energy storage assets that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • No exposure to any debt refinancing risk or higher debt interest rates during the term of the debt up to 20 years.
  • Project finance is arranged with no recourse to the investor. the PF is fixed rate, fully amortising and  long tenor.
  • The interest rate and inflation can be hedged for up to 25 years, producing a stable long term net cash flow.
  • The potential to earn from substantial capital growth in a short period.
  • The investments are made through an SPV domiciled in the investor’s preferred location. The SPV can be managed by the investor or Sustainable Energie Partners.